NielsenIQ E-Commerce Snapshot report presents a wide view of the e-commerce landscape to help brands and retailers strategize and thrive for success in this ever-changing retail environment. In this report, you can find answers to how e-commerce is evolving and expanding in regions and markets. You will also learn essential information about the attitudes and behaviors of online shoppers across the globe.

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Like all consumers, omnichannel shoppers have specific product needs that check a box on their shopping lists, which are also priced to fit their budgets. But these shoppers also have specific dietary needs or sustainability concerns, ideas on how a product should be sourced–and many other considerations that go well beyond price and availability. In fact, omnishoppers have become masters at searching for and buying products with their preferred attributes, features, and claims.

In a recent study, Dash Hudson utilized data provided by NielsenIQ to evaluate the top beauty brands on TikTok. They benchmarked how those with a high Entertainment Score performed in their first six months of joining TikTok. They found that brands that entertained their audience on TikTok grow at a rate 34% faster than those who approach the platform with a traditional marketing mindset.

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